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  • I’m really enjoying the Alice in Wonderland stitch a long #satsumastreetsal I finished Chapter 2 just in time to start Chapter 3 which was released today. Here’s a clue: Whooooo are yooooouuuu?
  • Students don’t stop having birthdays because they can’t come to school due to #covid_19 . Today I got to take care of another one that I’ve had the pleasure of having in my music class AND 4th grade.
  • One of my favorite things that I do for my students is their birthday gift. I sew 14x14 inch pillow covers with a pocket on the back to hold a book. I tend to buy a bunch of “kid” fabric during the summer but generally wait until the week of the birthday to sew the cover so that I can match their pillow to their interests/personality. #teacherlife #studentbirthday
  • As a teacher, my “new year” runs on a little different schedule than most people’s...August to May. So I have had my “resolution” for a while (I’ve been working on being more assertive). The 2019-2020 school year has also been a year that I have learned that I HAVE to take time to create each day even if it’s just completing 5 cross stitch X’s. I wasn’t making time at the beginning of the year and it showed (just ask the hubby! 🤦🏼‍♀️). If you followed me on this account, you know that my students get a birthday book pillow and this year for Christmas they received acrylic bookmarks. People often ask how I have’s easy and for me it is almost like meditation. All of these creative outlets are what bring me joy, comfort, and relaxation. I envision sharing my experiences, tutorials, patterns, and finished products. I hope you’ll join me @unwind.create I am currently building my website (and enjoying that creative process) so I don’t have a lot to share just yet but I hope you’ll follow along on my new account, unwind, and create.  #busywifebusylife #teacherlife #unwindcreate #mykidstoo #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #moderncrossstitch #modernxstitch #stitchersgonnastitch #teacherswhoetsy #creativeblogger #unwindtime
  • We don’t have any December birthdays this year but I’m not off the hook because we celebrate our June & July birthdays on their 1/2 birthday in December and January! #ateachersjobisneverdone
  • Roooooar!!! This fabric will be perfect for a student who wrote is amazing creature paper on the T-Rex! 🦖
  • Ringo knows how to Sunday! #recharging
  • I’m never afraid to try something new...and while I was hesitant to work with resin, I am really excited to potentially have earrings to wear that don’t cost an arm and a leg (bc my ears are special...and I can’t just wear anything 🙄). The larger circles will be needleminders or just magnets.