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  • Vacation breakfast stop. Now off to Door County, WI. #hurtsdonuts
  • I enjoyed the past two days of learning at the BER Co-Teaching Conference in Kansas City...Tim had time to enjoy the scenery around the hotel. Now entering #VacationMode and heading north! #WisconsinBound
  • This one’s gonna take a while (swipe to see the pic). Started this one in the car today on the way to Kansas City. 200 X’s in (white thread on white cloth is not fun!), 252,700 X’s to go!
  • If you saw my story from late last night, you already know about this finish but here’s a non-boomerang still pic. 💕 I really enjoyed my first ever stitch along and can’t wait to do more! #lolliandgraceSAL
  • I stayed up late stitching last night. The fringe is a new stitch for me; it’s called Turkey work. I’m almost done!!💕#lolliandgraceSAL
  • About to get our grill on. Yum!!! Steak kebabs 🥩 , corn on the cob 🌽 , potato bake 🥔 , and grilled pineapple 🍍
  • 🇺🇸 Happy 4th! 🎇 Picked up some pegboard and other supplies from @menardshomeimprovement and walked out with free American flags.  #fourthofjuly #independenceday #redwhiteandblue #usa #patriotic #craftroomstorage
  • Lots of color has been added since my last update on the #lolliandgraceSAL Lesson learned (one of many): make stitches longer than you think they should be...many of my blending stitches are, this took foooorever!