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  • As a teacher, my “new year” runs on a little different schedule than most people’s...August to May. So I have had my “resolution” for a while (I’ve been working on being more assertive). The 2019-2020 school year has also been a year that I have learned that I HAVE to take time to create each day even if it’s just completing 5 cross stitch X’s. I wasn’t making time at the beginning of the year and it showed (just ask the hubby! 🤦🏼‍♀️). If you followed me on this account, you know that my students get a birthday book pillow and this year for Christmas they received acrylic bookmarks. People often ask how I have’s easy and for me it is almost like meditation. All of these creative outlets are what bring me joy, comfort, and relaxation. I envision sharing my experiences, tutorials, patterns, and finished products. I hope you’ll join me @unwind.create I am currently building my website (and enjoying that creative process) so I don’t have a lot to share just yet but I hope you’ll follow along on my new account, unwind, and create.  #busywifebusylife #teacherlife #unwindcreate #mykidstoo #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #moderncrossstitch #modernxstitch #stitchersgonnastitch #teacherswhoetsy #creativeblogger #unwindtime
  • We don’t have any December birthdays this year but I’m not off the hook because we celebrate our June & July birthdays on their 1/2 birthday in December and January! #ateachersjobisneverdone
  • Roooooar!!! This fabric will be perfect for a student who wrote is amazing creature paper on the T-Rex! 🦖
  • Ringo knows how to Sunday! #recharging
  • I’m never afraid to try something new...and while I was hesitant to work with resin, I am really excited to potentially have earrings to wear that don’t cost an arm and a leg (bc my ears are special...and I can’t just wear anything 🙄). The larger circles will be needleminders or just magnets.
  • I’m in love with this 🦋 print from @hobbylobby Two more birthday pillows finished! There’s just one November birthday and zero in December BUT we will celebrate June birthdays in December. #birthdaypillow #teacherlife #studentbirthday #iteach4th #iteach456 #iteachtoo #craftyteacher
  • Laying it all out on the (craft room) table today - big #teacherfail confession ahead: The stress of the school year is really showing up lately. Friday, I marked all students absent instead of present...this meant parents got the automated phone call saying their child wasn’t at school followed by our lovely secretaries having to field worried parent phone calls. But that’s not even the worst of it. I was checking my student birthday calendar yesterday because I know I have one coming up (the girl is taking about it nonstop) and I discovered the worst possible thing: I forgot a student birthday! 😭 It was Monday (we didn’t have students that day as it was a PD day) but I make sure to celebrate the following day. I don’t know how a whole week went by without any of my students saying anything. 😢 I feel absolutely horrible for forgetting this sweet girl! Parent teacher conferences are this coming week (I’m certainly glad I will have her pillow to her before that day!)...October is pretty much the worst month of the year for teachers! #devolson (dark evil vortex of Late September, October, November) Make sure you check on your teacher friends! As for me, I think it’s about time for a #mentalhealthday
  • I ❤️ all of the colors in this fabric! The back side is denim. #studentbirthday