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  • Day trip to STL for lunch & shopping. Currently stitching South America. Loving the water color world so much I made a grime guard to match! Needleminder from @thekitschystitcher #needleminder #grimeguard
  • I’ve been embroidering for 15 years (mostly counted/stamped) cross stitch but today I’ve been working on a new stitch - split backstitch. Loving this stitch-along! #lolliandgraceSAL
  • George & I are headed to get Tim at work and then off to Springfield. It’s Teacher Appreciation night at the Springfield Cardinals Game. George doesn’t get to go  to the game though...he’ll hang out with Tim’s parent’s cat. 🤪
  • Check out watercolor Australia! 🇦🇺 I’ve learned a couple of new techniques (loop stitch for starting thread and railroading the top stitch so that the stitches lay nicer) the past couple of days that have really improved my stitches - and I’ve been cross-stitching since for at least 15 yrs! #alwayslearning
  • 💚 #LastStitch
  • I forgot to take this book with me to the 3rd & 4th grade educator’s conference. I was so disappointed but I’m excited to continue it tonight! #teacherreads #gra19
  • 😍Post MAP testing passion project possibilities...or student rewards. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Either way, super excited that I got all of these on clearance for $24 total. #teacherlife #theyaremykidstoo
  • He’s only a lap cat when he knows it will inconvenience me. Hard to stitch & I was just getting ready to go put the @papamurphys pizza in the oven. It can wait.